Catholic Church threatens to pull services over gay marriage

Catholic Church threatens to pull services over gay marriage

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5947a - The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington D.C has said that it will discontinue its service programs in the district should the city go ahead with a proposed same-sex marriage law.

Disruption to services that The Catholic Church runs could affect tens of thousands of the district’s residents.

Under the law religious organizations would not be required to cater to same-sex marriage requests but must abide by laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexuality.


Church leaders are anxious that they will be forced to recognize same-sex couples in regards to such things as employee medical benefits and adoption rights.

In an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday spokesperson for the archdiocese, Susan Gibbs, said that the proposed bill is problematic for The Catholic Church.

“If the city requires this, we can’t do it,” she said. “The city is saying in order to provide social services, you need to be secular. For us, that’s really a problem.”

Chairman of the city’s Health Committee, David Catania responded by saying he is baffled by the church’s stance considering that in 2008 it received about $8.2 million in city contracts.

“If they find living under our laws so oppressive that they can no longer take city resources, the city will have to find an alternative partner to step in to fill the shoes,” he told The Washington Post.

In a separate interview council member Mary M. Cheh said she hoped the Catholic Church would reconsider.

“Are they really going to harm people because they have a philosophical disagreement with us on one issue?” she asked. “I hope, in the silver light of day, when this passes, because it will pass, they will not really act on this threat.”

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